* As seen at the South Sydney Rabbitohs home games and exclusive to Footy Jumping Castles.


This classic combo castle will blow you away. The Rabbit 6in1 combo has everything you could possibly imagine with not only a jumping area but also a climbing area, slide, basketball hoop plus more, giving you six times the fun.

Suitable for ages up to 14 yrs
**** No power access? We have petrol powered blower fans for hire****

— A FJC supervisor is required for all hires in public places, or where a power generator is used to power inflation.
— $20 million public liability insurance included with every hire.

Price: 4 Hours$490
Price: 7 Hours$640
Minimum Area Required1 meter around the castle
Dimensions 6.6mL x 4.8mW x 4mH
Power1x 240v/10 amp power source
Max riders10 – 12
Safety InclusionsCrash mats



Footy Jumping Castles are the official inflatable jumping castle provider for the Penrith Panthers. Footy Castles play a pivotal role in our renown ‘kids corner’ precedent which provides entertainment to families and kids. Footy Jumping castles are reliable, provide a high standard of service to our club and supporters and have been tremendous at our clubs social events.

George Nour
Events Manager, Penrith District Rugby League Football Club



When do I need a FJC Supervisor?
  • If the children are 14yrs and over
  • After Sunset
  • Outside a private backyard

How much flat area do we need?

As our jumping castles and combo designs vary in size, please check the minimum required area next to the attraction you are interested in. If you are not sure just ask us.

How high is the inflatable?

The jumping castle inflatables are approximately 1.7m to 6.5 metres high depending on the style of the inflatable. If height is a problem please contact us.

What surface can inflatables go on?

Grass, dirt, concrete, paving, asphalt etc – please advise at time of booking.

Can the inflatable be erected on a slope?

Yes as long as the slope is not too severe.

Can the inflatable be in contact with walls or trees?

No the inflatable can suffer abrasion damage if it is in direct contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the inflatable we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

How does the inflatable stay blown up?

The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. The extension cord also has a safety switch connected to it. Electricity usage will amount to around 2 cents an hour.

How much access space is needed to get an inflatable in?

Approx 1 metre (3 feet) for most inflatables, please ensure that water heaters or Air conditioning units are not blocking the access. If there are STEPS you must inform us prior to the day as additional charges may apply if we need extra staff to deliver. If we are not informed, we reserve the right to refuse delivery in order to comply with our OH&S policy. Please enquire if you are not sure.

How long does it take to set up?

Around 15 – 25 minutes, depending on the site.

Is the set up time included in the hire time?

No. For example – if your booking starts at 1pm, we will have the inflatable ready before that time. On very rare occasions we may have it ready 5 minutes after your booking time. We do ask that you provide clear access to the driveway of your home as the inflatables are sometimes difficult to manoeuvre.

How many children can use the inflatable at the one time?

Junior jumping castles – between 6 and 8 children at the same time. The combo castles, 8– 10 children and medium to large size castles can take up to 12 children at any one time under the ages of 13yrs.

What happens if it rains on the day?

If we don’t hear from you we will always deliver rain, hail or shine.

Do I have to pay a deposit for a Backyard jumping castle hire?

Only if the booking is invoiced at $300 or more.

How about if I want to cancel?

We do not charge a cancellation fee as long as you abide by the following:
All cancellations can be done by contacting our office within office hours and obtaining a cancellation number.

Cancellations on the day of your booking can be made again by contacting our office PRIOR to 8 am without a cancellation charge and obtaining a cancellation number. If we turn up and you do not have the cancellation number, there will be a minimum delivery fee charged of $100.

For After Hours Cancellations, please leave a message giving your Name, Suburb and Phone No. so that we can get back to you

How is payment made and when?

Payment can either be made prior to the day by sending us a cheque 7 days prior, direct deposit into our bank account or by credit card except (Amex & Diners) during business hours. We also accept CASH payment to our driver on delivery. Personal cheques are NOT accepted on the day.

Our drivers can Not accept credit card payments on the DAY

How long can I have the castle for?

Usually a 4 hour or daily (7 hour) hire. Bookings within summer in a backyard can go till dusk. During the winter months, obviously the days get shorter and it gets darker much earlier bookings should be completed 1 hour after sunset at the latest.

Do you have insurance?

We wouldn’t be in business without it ! We have $20,000,000 Public Liability and should you wish a copy of our Certificate of Currency, please ask your Entertainment Coordinator on booking.

What happens if we damage the inflatable?

If the damage is considered by us to be malicious then you will be liable to pay for all repairs and transport costs associated with having the inflatable repaired. If adults use a jumping castle that is not an adult castle, and it is damaged, then the above will also apply as these inflatables are specifically available for children only.

What else should I be aware of?

Please keep streamers, poppers, silly string etc away from any inflatable as they stain the vinyl !! Face Paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping. You may also want to check that when children perspire the paint starts to run. Any streamer etc damage found on the inflatable at time of pick up or when we clean the inflatable over the following seven (7) days will result in an automatic charge of $500.

Additional information