COVID 19 Inflatables POLICY

We have recently introduced a new Covid19 Inflatables Policy to cover our response to the pandemic.

As a proud member of the amusement industry’s main body AALARA we are an accredited and compliant member. We have based our own Covid19 policy around the AALARA policy which appears in the link below:

In addition to the AALARA policy we have added our own Covid19 Inflatables Policy requirements as follows:

Our online booking system has been adjusted as per the Covid19 Inflatables Policy. It is set so that all our inflatable products cannot be booked for at least 72 hours after their last booking. Covid19 is known to last up to 48 hours on some surfaces. This includes vinyl. So this will allow time for our staff to clean and sanitise all inflatables after completing a booking. Therefore they will be completely sanitised for their next hire.

Our Staff

Under our Covid19 Inflatables Policy staff are required to stay home and not attend work if they are feeling sick. This includes having flu or cold symptoms, a fever, sore throat, or coughing. It also includes if they have been in contact with any overseas travellers in the past 14 days. All staff will clean their hands with sanitiser prior to commencing their shift. Also they will clean and sanitise hand trolleys, vehicles, and trailers. Weights, hammers, extension leads and forklifts will also be sanitised prior to use. Furthermore staff will ensure all deliveries are contact free when delivering an inflatable and picking it up.

Where one of our staff is in attendance: In between each group or at regular intervals the inflatable will be sanitised by one of our Covid19 trained staff members before the next group enters. As well all fencing will be regularly disinfected.

Also most of our products have a potential for patrons to touch surfaces. This can be by falling against walls, clambouring, crawling and falling. So we require all patrons to clean their hands with sanitisers before entering the inflatable. Upon request at time of booking all patrons on the day will be temperature checked prior to being allowed entry. To reduce contact numbers on each inflatable will be restricted to allow plenty of room.

Also, for mechanical rides such as the Mechanical Bulls and Surfboards each will be sanitised after each ride.

Finally as part of our Covid19 Inflatables Policy strategy, we will closely monitor updates from WHO and the Australian Government and AALARA.

We will update our Covid19 Inflatables Policy as the need arises.