Human Table Football

Ideal for
Large events, team building, backyard parties.

With referee:

Price: 2 Hours$925
Price: 3 Hours$1025
Price: 4 Hours$1125
With referee:

Price : 2 Hours$925
Price : 3 Hours$1025
Price : 4 Hours$1125
With referee:

Price : 2 Hours$1100
Price : 3 Hours$1230
Price : 4 Hours$1360


Sydney human table football hire

Our giant Human Table Football game accommodates eight players per side. That’s 16 players per game! A Sydney human table football hire is the focal point of any sports presentation, school fun day, team building day or corporate event. We have hired this incredible inflatable out to Dropbox on the 27th floor of their Sydney building for a team building event, and to the Ingleburn Eagles for their soccer club presentation day. It truly is an activity for all ages and sizes.

The 16 player capacity activity can turnover up to 100 patrons per hour. It is exactly what is needed for those hectic large sports presentation days or corporate events.

How it works – key components to a Sydney human table football hire.

Firstly, the most important thing is to assign teams and kick off times before your event starts. This ensures that games can operate with full teams and everyone gets to play a fun game of human table football. If you miss this part, the arena will be half empty and games will be boring. So you want to get patrons to commit to a team, kick off time and game plan. This helps players in your sports team, company, school develop new relationships and encourages teamwork.

Secondly, after our semi-professional, lenient referee explains the basic rules and tips to win, the ball is tossed in the air and the game starts. Players must hold onto their sliding poles at all times. Always kick with your feet and try to keep the ball on the ground.

Winning strategy tip: kick the ball off the edges to move the football up the field.

Lastly, our silly referee will ensure the game is played safely. However, the referee is often known to give out yellow and red cards for nonsensical reasons ?

Holding a team building event for your company during a Sydney human table football hire

Your guests/staff/patrons will absolutely love the human table football game. All adults must sign a disclaimer before participating and will receive a ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristband, for insurance purposes.

This is an amazing way to develop team building through group participation. All shapes and sizes can play, which means anyone at your company can feel more relaxed around their colleagues. Thus, bringing a more confident and resilient attitude to projects at work after such a fun, shared experience. The amazing (and crazy) team at Mentally Friendly kidnapped their boss and took him to a park filled with our inflatables- all in the name of team building.

Key points to remember for team building:

  • Organise cross organisational teams to play together
  • Have a pre-determined reward for the winning team to ensure people play semi-seriously
  • Create a relevant title for the competition, for example, Dropbox called their’s State Of Storagin’ (because they’re an online storage company)
  • Assign time for each team to create a strategy
  • Ensure each team plays all other teams
  • Advise our referee which managers we need to be harsh on prior to kick off
  • Ensure alcohol is not consumed before participating

Finally, whichever activity you choose to hire, endless fun awaits. Our inflatables always take centre stage at events. Also, be sure to see our other team building options and see if you can free up some funding to create an inflatable playland for your colleagues.

Watch your company culture develop into an amazing place to work with increased results ?
Game on ⚽️

We just require direct vehicle access to the set up area. If you don’t have the minimum access please contact us on 98298929 to discuss alternatives.

Space required:
18m L x 8m W

Power required:
Standard power supply.

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